Place: Centro de Convenciones de Lima (LCC) (Lima Convention Center)

Address: La Arqueología 206, San Borja

Organization: If you need anything, feel free to contact

Mrs. Tiza Martinez ([email protected]) Cell phone: (51) 996 610 028 and/or  

Miss Lia Camilo ([email protected]) Cell phone: (51) 993 534 040

All the details you need to know


  • It is on the 7th floor. IT personnel will be there to help you with your material.
  • The Speaker Ready Room will be at your service in the following schedule:
    • Tuesday, August 8th: from 15:00 to 18:00 hrs.
    • Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th August: from 7:00 to 17:00 hrs.


  • We are receiving the presentation files in PowerPoint and also in Keynote (Apple) in advance. File downloading in this last type of program is to facilitate their review in the Speaker Ready Room. Please take into account we will NOT be providing Mac computers for the CCL’s 18 rooms but there will be plug & play connections for them. Therefore, you can bring your own Mac in case you are bringing a Keynote presentation or if you wish, you can change your presentation to PowerPoint.
  • Presentations should be in a 16: 9 format.
  • Sources to be used are those that come with Windows or IMac. Please avoid using sources other than those that come in the original package.
  • We recommend using a clear font such as Arial with a minimum 20-point size. Also, make sure there is sufficient contrast of colors between contents and the backgrounds.
  • If possible, images to be used should be in HD. We recommend not using images containing texts.
  • If you are including statistics tables, we advise placing one table per slide.
  • Videos that come with the presentations should be in a MP4 format with a quality of 1920 x 720 pixels. We are not providing video editing services, so please bring your finished videos.
  • We recommend not to include your videos in the presentations and to leave a blank slide where the video will be placed. Place videos in a file with the name and number of the blank slide.
  • Your material will be stored, duly coded, in the Speaker Ready Room. It will be easy to have access to them before the scheduled presentation. You can see your presentation schedule in the congress program at (Programa:
  • You cannot review your presentation material in the Speaker Ready Room on the same day that your presentation is scheduled for, so please take precautions.
  • If you have more than one scheduled presentation, please bring ALL of them to the Speaker Ready Room at the same time (in case you did not send them in advance).



The following equipment and services will be available in the rooms:

  • VGA / NTSC Multimedia projection equipment and accessories
  • Screen
  • Plug and play terminals for laptops
  • Plug and play terminals for Apple
  • Goose-neck microphones at the Speakers’ lecterns
  • Wireless microphones for the panel and participants
  • A clicker for showing your presentation slides
  • Simultaneous English-Spanish-English interpretation service carried out by a professional interpreter in rooms indicated on the program.
  • Connectivity: Free Wi-Fi zone only in the presentation area. There is no Wi-Fi connection in the rooms so if you need to use any video or material online during your presentation, please let us know no later than Wednesday, August 2nd to ensure this connection.


Transportation from the official congress hotels to the Convention Center and vice versa is confirmed. Please check the schedule in the lobby of each hotel.


The congress App is already available. Now you can have access to all the information about the congress at your fingertips. You can download it here:

Link 1: PlayStore:

Link 2:   iTunes: